Note: FAT4FEM GmbH has been closed at April 4, 2018. See imprint.

      • Attention please !

      • Authoriative is the German memorandum. This translation of the AGB's into English language has been done with care, but is for information only.

    Mandatory is the German version of the GTC's!

      • Preface
      • The mutual written declarations herein are authoritative for the scale of benefits. The General Terms and Conditions of the client are only valid when the contractor (FAT4FEM GmbH) agrees to them in writing.
      • Place of service
      • The services will be performed in the office of the contractor. A partial execution in the client’s office is possible.
      • Required Information for Accomplishment of Task
      • The necessary instructions to accomplish an order must be made by the client. The detailed characterisation of geometry (CAD data), boundary conditions, material properties, specifications, systems of rules, guidelines, etc., are essential for results of high quality. Consulting by FAT4FEM GmbH is based on specifications and instructions of the client.
      • FE-Analysis and lifetime calculation
        Any FE analysis is subject to uncertainty. Variations of oscillations by a factor of 10 and more, are possible in a lifetime analysis.
        The application guidance by FAT4FEM GmbH does not excuse the client from his responsibility to immediately check all simulation results as they pertain to the applicability of their respective function.
      • Warranty
      • In the case of FE analysis and lifetime calculation, variations to analytic solutions and test results are the rule. Therefore, mistakes are defined as: Obvious errors or wrong delivery. The contractor fulfils their warranty by maintenance or free replacement of the defective work. The right to abatement or revocation is excluded.
      • Liability
      • The liability of the contractor is limited to the double fee of the contract value and to a maximum of 25.000 €. The liability for production downtimes, breakdowns, loss of profit and all other consequential damages is excluded.
      • Work results and data backup
      • All work results become property of the client when the job is closed. Consequently the client/owner carries the duty to backup the data.
      • Place of performance and court of jurisdiction
        Place of performance is Heilsbronn / Central Franconia / Germany
        Court of jurisdiction is Ansbach / Central Franconia / Germany
      • Salvatory clause
        Should any part of this contract be invalid for any reason, the rest of the contract shall remain unaffected and valid.